Easy integration with HTTP-GET

If you want to make a HTTP call you can use the following url:
Then you can use the following parameters:
userid – (the same as for the web login)
password – (the same as for the web login)
to – phone number
message – your message
https://api.tellustalk.com/sms_send/http_gate?userid=Me&password=sEcrEt&to=+4676123456&message=This is a text message!
Do you already have an account with TellusTalk?
Try in your browser right now; edit the example above with your own userid and password, the recipient number and your message. Copy, paste and go!
Calls sent this way will always be confirmed with ”OK”, no other notification is displayed if userid or password is incorrect.
For status for your sent messages you can activate email delivery reports in the user Toolbox.