Why a new platform?

It began with a desire to leave American cloud services and host our platform on Swedish servers as we have many customers within public authorities with a requirement not to let personal data end up outside the EU.

When you are building a completely new platform from scratch, you also want to have a look at if there are new and better ways to do things. This ended up in some pretty major improvements:

Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design means that a system has built in functionality to ensure data integrity. This is a demand according to the GDPR, but there are many other reasons you would want to have stabile functionality for data protection.

The old platform has had improvements over the years to ensure security and integrity, but that could never equal a system that has been built from the foundation with Privacy by Design in mind.

For starters, the new platform has a completely new solution for encrypting, which gives your data optimal protection.

Your data has also additional protection from a brand new authorization management system where you are in control as to what data should be shared and to what users.

Servers in Sweden

You can feel safe, knowing your data is processed according to the GDPR, now and in the future, since both the new platform and the new email server resides on Swedish servers, located in Sweden.

Increased portability

To minimize the risk of service interruption, the new platform has been designed to be very easy to move or distribute to other servers.

Is your data so sensitive that it must not leave your own servers? The new e-sign service is designed as a standalone app, making it possible to host anywhere and connect with local channels for email and url:s.

Sub processors

As all of the sub processors for the standard services are providing their services without the use of american cloud services you do not need to worry about excluding any sub processors in our DPA. Everything to make it easy for you and secure your data.

Messages that are destined outside the EU must ofcourse be processed outside the EU at some point.