Handle the users

This is where you can add and delete users, change their personal settings, resources and placement in the organizational chart. You can also change settings for the entire account and share administrative access to all or parts of the account.

Click on Users in the left menu when you are logged in the Customer admin view. All users are displayed here, divided into organizational sub units if you have them.

Customer admin: all users

Add users

Customer admin: add users

Click + Add Userunder the sub unit where you want to place the user. You can always move them to another sub unit later.
Add name and email address.
A password has been automatically generated, keep it or put in one of your choosing.
Then click “Add User” to save.

Please note that systems that will send messages or generate e-signatures using API will also need a user id. User id:s must be in the form of an email address and for reset possibilities it´s great if it´s a valid address.

Users can also be added automatically in different ways, for example using SAML2. Contact us if you want to know more about automatic registration of users.

User settings

Click the arrow to the left of the user id and the following will be displayed.
This is basically the same view the user will find ontheir own personal settings, you can read more about it here.

Customer admin: user settings


As administrator you have some extra buttons that we will have a look at here.


– a link to the users personal Toolbox


– the virtual numbers and shortcodes assigned to the user is listed here


– user statistics, updated each 6 hours

Delete User

– click here to delete the user

Account settings

Click on the menu icon Icon hamburgermenubefore the name of the sub unit you want to change settings on.
Settings made here will be standard for all new users and also the users that has not made personal settings.Cutsomer: account settings


Basic settings for the account, like activate Internal billing, change standard language for delivery receipts and such and also change what country code you would like to have on the account.​


Put the contact information to the one who is responsible or administrator for the account.

This information will automatically be added to emails sent to email addresses that has been trying to use the service but has not yet been added as users.

SMS Settings

Choose what SMS settings should be standard on the account, SMS Reply is often chosen as standard on new accounts.

Each user can choose their own personal settings in thei Toolbox.

You can read more about different options for SMS settings here.

Cover pages

Make standard settings for fax cover pages, our standard cover page is usually activated on new accounts. You can also inactivate cover pages or order other cover pages adapted to your needs.

Each user can choose their own personal settings in thei Toolbox.

You can read more about the other alternatives for fax settings here.


This is where you can share administrative access to the sub unit you are editing. This tab is both on the top unit and all sub units, but it always only gives access to this sub unit and never the entire account. Read more about access here.

Access Customer Admin

This is where you can share administrative access to the entire account, from the top unit and all sub units. This tab is only displayed when you open the settings on the top level unit. Read more about access here.