We have chosen to use PDF for electronic signing because we know that most people are used to working with PDF documents. If your files are of a different type, you can easily convert them to PDF in many standard programs. PDF is an open standard, which ensures that it can be read on most systems. This means that the PDF format, i.e. the document can be used publicly, opened, viewed and saved as PDF on any computer or device. PDF is a file format developed by Adobe and we therefore usually recommend using Adobe as a third party validation for signed documents.


PDF Advanced Electronic Signature (PAdES)

Is a file format we use that makes the document tamper-proof, meets the requirements of eIDAS and is an internationally accepted standard for electronically signed documents. In this format, the electronic signature is considered both durable and secure. To ensure that the document is protected against alteration, we lock the PAdES file with a qualified Trust Service Provider (TSP) certificate from the European Union Trust List(EUTL).

This way, no one can tamper with the document. We don’t think you should send open PDFs for the recipient to fill in, but we lock your document for everyone’s safety. This way you know that the document has not been changed and all parties can feel confident in signing it.

Electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS)

eIDAS is an EU regulation on how electronic signatures should work in the EU. You could say that they oversee electronic identification and trust services for users to do secure business online. It should be equally secure for the person sending out the signing invitation and for the person signing. eIDAS has therefore created different standards for signatures so that e-signatures can have the same legal status as a handwritten signature.

How to send a PDF for electronic signature?

Send the signing invitation and attach a PDF. The recipient reviews the document on their computer, mobile or tablet before signing. The entire signing process takes place in the browser and takes only a few minutes. You can submit from the API, your email address or our online toolbox.

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