SMS and MMS are sent directly to your email or via API. Works worldwide.

Opt in

Let customers sign up for your mailings by opting in via SMS.

Integrate with API, use your email or our online toolbox

Simplify customer contacts by offering more channels

Today, many people prefer to send SMS rather than call or email. Sometimes it makes it easier if you also can attach a picture directly.

We have helped both large and small companies to create better customer relationships for over 20 years. We know what we’re doing!

Rent a virtual phonenumber

That can receive SMS and MMS from all over the world. A good solution if those who send to you, do it frequently They can save your number as a contact, so it will be easy to send to it again.
Add opt in if you wish.

Receive SMS & MMS with virtual number
Receive SMS with keyword and short code

Rent a keyword

A good way to let outsiders send you SMS in e.g. an advertising campaign, where it should be easy to remember the number.
Add opt in if you wish.

In your ad, you can write, for example, ”Text the word TELLUS, followed by your message, to number 72080″


If you use the Reply-SMS setting on your SMS mailings, we set one of our virtual mobile numbers as the sender and the recipient can reply with SMS or MMS. We will send all responses directly to you.

Receive SMS&MMS with reply-SMS

All in one subscription


We will give you support 24/7 in both english and swedish.

Auto reply

Activate an automatic reply for your received SMS & MMS.

Address book

Collect your contacts for easy messaging using the Address book.


You pay a fixed monthly fee and traffic fees as you go. Choose between two types of subscriptions.


Updated every 4 hours, gives you an overview of the transactions over time.


Easy integration with API makes the process even better.